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Craig Doby is a local photographer and videographer in Portland, OR. With a passion for capturing the most cherishable moments for family albums, as well as beefing up aspiring music artists catalogs with attention leaching videos. Acceptable to challenges and new ways to improve, devoting his time into quality work, which he believes customer satisfaction is key of his success. 

“I like to set realistic goals and simply accomplish them”.



Owner of Craig Doby Digital Media Production based in Portland, Oregon — with a long-term goal to travel and become a philanthropist! 


Portrait photography, video production, artist management and personal training.

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Have an upcoming project? I'd love to collaborate with you! 

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Project Homeless Love

My colleges, Zack Sampson, Kemper Woodruff and I got together to give back to our community during the holiday season.  Our target goal was 5k by Christmas. That gave us a time constraint of one month! We built a GoFund Me page in hope to raise enough money within the deadline. We divided the project into mini tasks and started to go to work. We received help from friends, family, and coworkers. 

By the middle of the month funds began to slow down and we were not even close to our goal. I began to panic and feel as if I wasn't receiving enough of support from friends Id thought that would donate without an issue. As the deadline creeped on us, I grew angry not fulfilling the goal. My team decided we begin price shopping to clear my mental space.  After we visited a few places we realized we had done a great job at estimating the price of the materials we had in mind.

Finally, we withdrew the funds and decided to document this project to help spread the love. We raised just enough to purchase hygiene products, food supplies, and clothing for the weather. I am very thankful for everyone who decided to donate and help out. God is good all the time!

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