How To Choose Your Camera

As a professional photographer in PDX, OR. I get a lot of new photographers asking about which camera they should purchase. Fortunately, I’ve had the desire to pick up a camera and directing since 2007.  I think learning about the science of light is passion and not so much about money. I question each photographer what it is they want to accomplish with their camera? Most of the photographers don’t have a clear plan. Which is fine! I recommend grabbing a pen and paper or whatever tools the new photographer uses to get their thoughts, in front of them and organized. Therefore, they can make an educated decision, while saving time. Write down everything that you want to accomplish with your camera. Then, use the process of elimination to figure out what speaks with you. A budget is important when shopping for your camera. I recommend buying new for your first camera to see how it feels to own your very first, brand new camera! Then, save yourself thousands of dollars purchasing pre-owned lenses at an aggressive price from trusted photographers or stores. Go to a store that specializes in cameras because you may get an employee that is also a photographer. Research and development, compare models, and choose the camera that fits your wants and needs. In conclusion, when you are planning to invest. Make sure you do your due diligence and don’t only rely on what others tell you. Planning is necessary, although it may not go as planned. Find your why and stay true to it!

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