Crab Rappers

Writing music is stress relieving. Before I considered becoming a videographer I would create songs for personal and exposure. Collaborating with other artist that shared the same mind set. What got most of my attention today was, when I did my daily social media marketing, I see the local artist posting subliminal messages regarding to rappers that aren’t as fluent in their talent i’m assuming. Remarks such  as, “wack rappers stick together”, “rappers think they’re stars”, “rappers spend money on merchandise instead of mass distribution”. As much I was tempted to reply to the post, I didn’t because I have a professional image and reputation I want to hold. Its unfortunate, because this is the type of stuff aspiring artist in Portland, OR complain about. There is no unity. I sit back and see my batman beacon in the sky, I see myself as a hero that could unite these guys, but Its not my profession. My idea is to work with my target audience and show how working and collaborating can accomplish so much. Instead of using the crab mind set, lets work together.

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